Hello everyone,

Here we are, at the dawn of the greatest adventure of our lives!

As some of you know, we leave this Thursday for a first trip of ten days in the Amazon. The last months were intense and time was mainly devoted to the development of logistics in Switzerland and Bolivia. We work closely with our local partners to plan the best expedition possible. The process is long and tedious, to say the least. Planning a project of this scale via eMail is relatively complicated. But, we are very happy to go and meet the logistic team to Santa Cruz de la Sierra this weekend ! This will help to simplify some of the steps…

We also spent a lot of time organizing the equipment and equipping us for shooting some brilliant footage. We were glad to see that all the pieces of equipment came to fit in different boxes we had provided. In total, more than 200 kilos of equipment are now packed and ready to fly with us to Latin America. Our rigorous and effective work paid off when we realized that all our stuff was dispatched inch-by-inch in the different cases/bags we had. This was truly a relief for the whole team, because this aspect was relatively difficult to anticipate properly. We still have enough room though to take with us your encouragement and support, which still deeply moves’ us !

The is one of our last reports before getting in the deep end of the pool, because the next time we write you, we will have had a much clearer preview of what lies ahead. Most importantly, it will mean the first scenes of the film will have been captured. The adventure for which we’ve been preparing ourselves for more than two years will have officially STARTED!

On the positive side, we want to share with you that Martin recently returned from Africa and has put together a little montage of his journey.

A fantastic travel and a brilliant little video that will, hopefully, give you the patience to wait a little more before discovering the first images of the expedition Objectif Sauvage.

Another good news is the winning of Cedrik in a photographic contest ” au photographe voyage ” ( translated : “the traveler photographer”). He won in the landscape category with his picture of Alatna River in Alaska ! You can find here: http://www.photographe-voyageur.com/les_vainqueurs_2015

To conclude and before we say goodbye, we’d like to add that we hope to return from the Amazon with more good news… Indeed, we are awaiting confirmation of certain points that would allow us to get the movie Objectif Sauvage to a new level. We won’t spoil the surprise quite yet, but it would be nice if you could cross your fingers for us, once again.

That’s all folks ! We’re now turning our head towards the Amazon, while feeling our impatience growing and ever-lasting enthusiasm climbing. We wish all a great day, a great week and promise we’ll keep in touch very soon.

Thank you to all

The Objectif Sauvage Team

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