Underwater photography is a special breed. There’s the plain fact that the most successful photographers know how to scuba dive – not to mention that light behaves totally differently underwater and the equipment is an investment in itself. But for the true aficionados, these are hardly difficult feats to overcome. Caribbean stock and underwater photographer Steve Simonsen is one such specialist who has made his life’s work under water.

Steve has been living and shooting in the U.S. Virgin Islands for over 20 years, so he knows a thing or two about what it takes to capture fast moving fish, deep sea creatures, and rolling waves. Looking back on all his projects – both personal and on assignment – Steve broke his strategy down into 5 factors that have led him to success:

  • Access to marine preserves and diving operators
  • Specialized underwater equipment – with backups
  • Understanding water’s unique & inherent challenges
  • Adjusting to the lack of light
  • Diving experience and expertise

Like most photographers, Steve has a preference for what to shoot. Specifically for marine life, Steve says, “The list of difficult species is long, the list of favorite species is long, and the list of easiest species is short.” But no matter what he’s photographing, his strategy remains relatively similar.

Read the 5 secrets in details here.

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