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If it is impossible to foresee everything and anticipate everything, we believe we’ve put all the chances on our side in the past weeks to bring you back the most polished film possible. We are now feeling pretty confident and are almost ready to take off for Bolivia. It’s a struggle to hold-in our impatience and we can’t wait to throw ourselves toward this incredible universe that awaits us, out there, somewhere, in the middle of the vast Amazon.

Before leaving, we wanted to share with you again three very good news, as well as a small teaser from our filming in May (when the team traveled to the Amazon to adjust some details and test our gear). Hoping that these images will make you smile and have you wanting to see more of the movie which we’re hoping to finish in the course of 2016.


It is with great pride and joy that we’re able to now announce that we have the support from the Caisse d’Epargne Riviera, the bicentenary bank which is known by many in our beautiful region. We’re happy to say that Caisse d’Epargne Riviera becomes the main partner of the expedition «Objectif Sauvage». The Caisse d’Epargne Riviera, known as a «proximity» Bank, has chosen us as ambassadors, and we will do our best to have it with us in our travels and to have it shine in all kinds of areas and beyond our borders.

This support is part of the current policy of this establishment, which has chosen to given a chance to projects from various backgrounds, but based locally. Indeed they’ve put up «omapatrie.ch», and in collaboration with «wemakeit.ch» this creates the opportunity to submit a project in order to promote and enhance the local cultural heritage. We live in a time during which it seems difficult for the «smaller» ideas to bloom and become as big as they were once dreamt. For this reason, the Caisse d’Epargne Riviera (under the leadership of its Director, Mr Alexandre Gauthier-Jaques) now makes this possible. We’d like to thank them loud and proud, because it is thanks to their contribution that we’ve been able to consider our «scouting» project in May. Without their help, it would have been difficult to make a worthy documentary. It’s nice to see that all our efforts are not in vain and that there are still some individuals capable of giving their best to help you complete your projects successfully. All you contributors have done the exact same of us and this is why we’d like to express once again, our deepest gratitude..

DJI Sponsor

And as good news never comes alone, we also have the honor to announce now to have two additional logistics partners. Indeed, we’re extremely proud to announce that Canon and DJI have chosen to support «Objectif Sauvage» and have already started to help us make an even better documentary. All three of us have been users of Canon products for of longtime and we’ve started to work recently the the DJI products.

Martin Ureta Canon EOS 1
For this reason, it felt natural to try and convince them that it is with their products that we wanted to make our film. We were very very happy when we got the positive responses from our requests for partnerships. Needless to say that this confirms our belief that the efforts we’re putting in are really paying-off ! We’re going in the right direction here. We are honored to have the support of two of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world and it will be using their equipment that we will soon go, across the ocean, to shoot our dream-documentary.

Canon 200-400

It is also thanks to Canon that some of you will receive your prints (photos etc.), as part of your contributions on our wemakeit campaign. Indeed, when they heard about those printed photographs that we were planning to give away, Canon immediately offered to print them themselves to ensure the highest quality possible. This is what we call a VIP partner.

DJI Inspire One

So thanks to Canon and DJI, for their precious trust and support!

As for us, we’re looking forward to sharing the first impressions of our trip, as well as the first visuals of the movie… Around mid-September !

In the meantime, you can follow us via social networks (mainly Facebook). We will try, directly from the Amazon, to post updates online using our satellite phone and/or via the help of a collaborator in Switzerland. This sounds FUN !

Wishing you all a very beautiful end of summer!

The Objectif Sauvage Team

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