In today’s article, Morkel Erasmus will attempt to provide you with some easy-to-apply tips or advice for improving your Wildlife Photography. Some of them might seem like common sense, and you’ve probably read a similar list of “how-to’s” elsewhere, but remember that common sense is not so common at all these days and that everyone has their own take on things, however similar they may be. Morkel do think he will cover a few points that are not just based on pure technical skill – photography is after all an art-form, and sometimes we need to be freed up to put down the vision we have in our mind’s eye rather than stick to conventions and norms.

Here is a quick overview of the points he will cover in this post:

  • Know your gear
  • Know your subject
  • Know the “rules” | Break the “rules”
  • Work the light
  • Shoot wider | Shoot Closer
  • The More, the Merrier
  • How low can you go???
  • The Content-Technicals Dichotomy
  • Patience isn’t a virtue…it’s a necessity

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