The Ethiopian Wolf

Ethiopian wolves number fewer than 400 in the wild, and have the unfortunate title of the most threatened canid in the world. They are the only wolf species to exist in Africa, reduced to a handful of mountain ranges by pressures on their habitat. Ethiopian wolves live in close-knit territorial packs. Strong social bonds exist between members of the group. Adults gather to patrol and mark the territory at dawn and dusk repelling intruders, but individual pack members tend to forage alone.

Ethiopian Wolf Bale Mountains

The Red list – The Story

Martin and Cedrik have been friends for some years now, and since their first encounter they’ve always been talking about doing something on their own. Putting all their skills and efforts together on a common project that would gather their passion for wildlife, travel and conservation and their love for video and photography.

After some years working together on commercial projects, they decided that it was time to launch a documentary project. They worked hard for about three years in the making of «Objectif Sauvage », a movie about three guys seeking for a long time forgotten lake, in the heart of the Bolivian Amazon. An adventure that took them from their comfortable homes to one of the most remote and harsh places in the world. Altogether the experience was a success, but still, something was lacking. Martin and Cedrik, always had really high expectations regarding Wildlife and Conservation, the expedition to the Amazon was the ideal place, but because of logistic problems and bad organization the expedition became a survival expedition and they were not able to put all their energy in wildlife and conservation.

Ethiopian Wolf

When they went back to Switzerland after six weeks spent in the jungle, they talked each other and quickly realized that they might need to try even harder to get to this point.

A couple of years ago, Cedrik was watching a short movie from his favorite Wildlife Photographer Vincent Munier. Vincent spent some weeks in the highlands of Ethiopia taking pictures of endemic species of this beautiful piece of land, which isn’t really the first destination that comes to mind when thinking about Africa. Cedrik was amazed by the variety of wildlife that would make its way on this very unique environment, almost four thousand meters above sea level. He was thrilled, and he knew that somewhere deep inside him, this environment would be perfect to film a documentary.

Bale Mountains

When Martin and Cedrik were in the Amazon, they had the opportunity to meet a well-known scientist and canid specialist, the Doctor Louise Emmons. They took this opportunity to mention the interest about going to Ethiopia to film a documentary about the most endangered canid in the world and most threatened carnivore in Africa, the Ethiopian Wolf. Doctor Emmons has been studying the Mann Wolf, another endangered canid for the past 20 years or so, and she quickly told us that a friend of hers would be able to help us with some information regarding the Ethiopian Wolf. That’s the first time we heard about the Professor Claudio Sillero, who dedicated his life on the conservation of Ethiopian Wolves. We kept this in our minds and went back to our homes safe and sound to get some well deserved rest after an exhausted adventure in Bolivia.

Bale Monkey

A few years ago Martin was on a mission to Bangladesh for IUCN Save Our Species to film three different endangered species.  The result was a short movie with great interviews about the people that are working on the conservation of the species, the Wildlife Heroes! Martin was impressed by the work this people are doing around the world and he really wanted to create something about them.

Martin and Cedrik met one day around a good Argentinian asado and Malbec wine, and talked about that idea to build something about endangered species and the wildlife heroes, travel and conservation. They truly thought that they should do something to raise awareness and educate people about these wonderful species that were at the edge of extinction. They realized that this could be the beginning of something bigger, that would bring them to different places around the planet, filming documentaries about endangered species commonly found on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. And that was actually how « The Red List » was born and they both had sparks in their eyes!

The Production

The Red List web series is produced by Cinematics, a video production company based in Montreux dedicated to the creation of compelling and high-quality visual content for some of the leading corporate, commercial and non-profit organizations in Switzerland and abroad.


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